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HIREBASE brings together staffing agencies from Eastern Europe and companies looking for staff from Western Europe in one online marketplace – quickly and easily. From beginning on, we are already the largest available staffing service provider database with more than 3,000 verified entries. The database is optimised for efficient searching and is constantly updated and expanded.

What are the advantages of HIREBASE?

HIREBASE provides a complete overview of what the market has to offer to companies looking for staff services. Intermediaries, only presenting the section that they know and running up additional costs, have become redundant.

Instead, companies themselves look for and find the offers that are right for them and get in touch with providers directly. Our service makes it easier to find and commission service providers than ever before – immediately and to the best conditions.

For businesses

Many companies, as well as recruitment agencies, already recruit via partners or their own branch employees abroad. With HIREBASE you can now do that too, saving you a lot of time and money in the short-, medium- and long-term. The Eastern European recruitment market is waiting for you!

  • New recruitment channels
  • New flexibility
  • Only the best for your company
  • Focused comparison
  • Outsource whole processes
  • Act and negotiate yourself
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For recruitment agencies

With HIREBASE, you have the largest database of its kind at your fingertips, with a unique and effective structure that leads you straight to the contacts you are looking for. Discover the untapped East European personnel market – before your rivals!

  • Generate specific personnel cohorts abroad
  • Increase your human resources pool
  • Strengthen your short-, middle- and long-term position in the market
  • Secure competitive advantages
  • Save time and money
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Save money and earn money with HIREBASE

All sides profit from our services. Eastern European providers receive a strong, transnational marketing tool, in which they can present what they have to offer in the best possible way. Western European companies reach precisely the providers they need much quicker and considerably cheaper.

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We connect you directly with service providers in Eastern Europe. Register for free today and quickly find the right staff!